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Scott’s story is powerful because he is willing to be brutally honest and public about the consequences of his actions and the impact that he had on others. Many of the men that listened to Scott related with his pain and regret for disappointing and hurting people that they cared about. Scott demonstrated how you can move beyond your mistakes and help people who feel that they have no more options.

Plymouth County Correctional Facility Program Manager Robin McGrory.

Scott fired me up before even setting foot on stage. His unique ability to connect with an audience results in smiles, laughs and goosebumps for everyone involved. His passionate approach for presenting captures an audience and would make a great fit for your next event.

Sam Burr (Business Development, EMCVP, Disability Employee Resource Group)

We were pleased to have Scott Maloney present at our networking event for young professionals. He was entertaining and on the mark.”

Kirk N. Joslin (President & CEO, Easter Seals Massachusetts)

Scott Maloney is a very engaging motivational speaker whose program, “I GOT LUCKY!” tells the cautionary tale of his own near-death experience with alcohol. He is finely attuned to the attention level and interests of a high school or college-aged audience and I would recommend him to any school/organization interested in hosting his program.

Peter Asen – Office of Mayor Angel Taveras (Director, Healthy Communities Office, Providence, RI)

Scott Maloney’s presentation “I Got Lucky!” is an inspiring story about his own personal tragedy and triumph. It is a cautionary tale that directly addresses issues affecting High School and College students. I would highly recommend Scott’s presentation to anyone looking to create/further the discussion on their campus.

Chris Creech – Veteran Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator, Healthy Communities Office, City of Providence, RI

I first met Scott after he responded to an online ad I had posted for my radio program on 91.5 FM WWLR, the radio station of Lyndon State College. Scott’s message was original and authentic. He was interesting and informative, which led to another appearance as a speaker for our alcohol awareness week at Lyndon. Scott would be a fine guest to speak on any topic, but the story of his personal experience is one you’ll never forget.

Tyler Dumont, Multimedia News Journalist / Radio Personality

Scott has a message that needs telling, a worthwhile message that is critical, and timely in our fast paced out-of-kilter world. It is a message that counters a youth culture that minimalizes risky behavior. He possesses a dynamic approach to whatever he does with an initiative that impresses me and should impress anyone in educational circles or the work world.

Brian Larkin, Director (The Grace W. Allsop Foundation)

Scott’s presentation clearly set out his goals of reaching young people with the important message to think before you drink, and to consider seriously the potential consequences of underage drinking. Scott’s appearance before our group has inspired individual schools to pursue him as a speaker for their high school student populations. I am sure that Scott’s presentations will continue to be received well by all the students who have the opportunity to hear his compelling story.

Michael P. Jackman (Director of School Programs, Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office)

Scott has a great story to be told. He has overcome so many obstacles. His speeches enlighten all to the dangers of alcohol related injuries. His passion, honesty and humor make him a truly unique speaker.

Senator Scott Brown (R-Massachusetts)

Scott blends his passion for making people laugh with his desire to spare other college kids the same fate, and spare parents that devastating, feared call in the middle of the night.

Jean Hill (Reporter, Worcester Telegram & Gazette)

Scott’s testimony at the Health Education Bill hearing was extremely compelling. It was an integral part in making the hearing a success. I think it is safe to say that everyone in that crowded room was touched by Scott’s personal account, and impressed by his honesty and bravery.

Courtney Howard (CARE for Youth & Education Policy)

Scott came to Boston Medical Center to meet with one of our patients who had suffered a brain injury. Scott’s message came through loud and clear. Scott is able to reach patients and their families at a personal level and offer hope, encouragement, and a sense of the realities that come with brain injury. Scott is caring, empathetic, genuine, and adds appropriate humor to help ease both patients and their families at such a difficult time in all of their lives.

Eric Peloquin CTRS (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist)

Mr. Maloney is a powerful and dedicated speaker and I am sure he will definitely be the one to save lives through his talent and experience. Scott delivered believable information because he had lived through a traumatic experience and cared enough about others to relive his experience for their benefit.

Virginia A. Gonsalves ACC
New Bedford Rehabilitation Hospital

Mr. Maloney is a regular speaker at our Driving Schools, in which he demonstrates great effort to warn teenagers about the negative effects of Drinking. We are looking forward to working with Scott for a long time.

Goran Antunovic (Manager – Labonte’s Auto School)