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These presentations, upon request of the hosting organization, are specifically tailored to the needs and interests of the target audiences (I.E. teachers, trainers, managers, parents, students, injured military veterans, therapists, or other professionals). Most presentations are 60 minutes in length with some audience interaction. However, upon request, Scott can shorten his presentation to a length appropriate for your event. To explore your interests, click here to contact Scott Maloney.

  1. “I GOT LUCKY”

    This presentation on the destructive (often self-destructive) decisions that are made under the influence of alcohol, has been receiving rave-reviews throughout the country. The venue for this program has been primarily high schools, colleges and university campuses.

  2. “HEADS UP!”

    It appears as though TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) is the acronym of the decade and the tag injury of the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan. With troops returning from serving overseas surviving injuries that until recently would have been fatal, Scott’s emphasis is not on merely surviving the injury but regaining your life. He doesn’t just say, “never settle”, he speaks from first-hand experience. Although the cause of his injury is very different, the effect and the toll it took both physically and emotionally is very much the same. Scott breaks down negativity and knocks down barriers in an entertaining way that is sure to leave the audience BOTH laughing and crying (this is recommended for anyone that is recovering from a critical injury, venues include Hospitals & Rehabilitation Centers).

  3. “I AM…”

    Those two little words are the preamble to the most powerful phrase in the world. Scott gives methods to maintaining focus on positive energy and avoiding negative thoughts in difficult situations, while learning from the past and preventing future mistakes.


    Every choice we make can have a direct impact on our day, week, month, year or even the rest of our lives. In this program, Scott conveys simple solutions to coping with stress… Learning to positively change what we can and learning to live with what we cannot.