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High School

… Mr. Maloney will continue to be invited back to our school as a guest speaker because he possesses the ability to connect with our students on a personal level while sharing a plethora of powerful messages in his moving and emotional presentation entitled, “I Got Lucky!”.

Tessa Rivera (Dean of Students, Bishop Gorman High School)

His message was received well by our students. Our follow-up with students on Friday revealed that a lasting impression was made. I feel the most powerful message that he shared was the fact that when we make decisions, often not, we do not take into consideration all of the individuals that a choice may impact. We attempt to instill this understanding with students when they encounter poor judgement in hopes that this same message will resonate with them.

Mark Butler (Principal, Benjamin Logan HS)

Scott’s honest account of how one poor decision changed the path of his life is a story students everywhere benefit from hearing. His passion for helping students make positive, safe and healthy decisions shines through as he shares his story.

Kristen Cerce (Franklin High School SADD Coordinator)

Scott is a walking miracle and has an incredible story to share. Students everywhere can benefit from hearing Scott’s personal account about the alcohol-influenced decision that truly changed the course of his life. Scott’s story is a reminder that no one is invincible and the decisions you make today can have long-term effects. Ultimately, Scott’s message is that hope can be found from the support of family, by maintaining a strong faith and never, ever giving up on yourself.

Courtney Howard (Events Manager – Francis Parker School – San Diego, CA)

Scott Maloney’s speech to the students of Willow Springs High was heartfelt and sincere.

Jimalee L. James Ed. S. (Willow Springs High School Principal)

We had a great presentation today from Scott Maloney, who told his story about how decisions have affected his life. His message resonated with many of our students, and his good energy and spirit kept them engaged for the full hour. As Scott says, if his message impacts even 2 students to make a better decision, it was well worth it. I have a feeling his presentation will impact many more than that. Thanks, Scott!

Vince Wolfe (Principal Met Sacramento High School)

Scott Maloney presented his lively message of overcoming the many consequences (physical, emotional, and mental) that were a result of an accident that happened to him while under the influence of alcohol. His message is personal and he did a great job of warning students about how the mistake he made could lead them to similar or more costly consequences. He also shared his keys to overcoming the set backs he endured with the hope of student using the skills and the example he provides to overcome their own setbacks in life.

Wes Paul (Principal, Oliver Ames High School – Easton, MA)

Scott’s presentation was engaging and powerful. The students connected with his humor and his story and many of them have expressed thinking differently about the consequences of their decisions as a result of Scott’s visit to Norwood High. His visit was the highlight of SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) week.

Molly Uppenkamp (Teacher and SADD Advisor, Norwood High School)

Scott & I had talked for about an hour after his presentation. As we were exiting the building about fifteen students politely interrupted us and said how his program had moved them and that they were going to change the direction of their lives.

Peter Boucher (K-12 Director of Wellness, Canton Public Schools)

Scott Maloney tells a story of a tragedy that happened in his life and how he turned that tragedy into helping people realize the dangers of alcohol use. His sense of humor and ability to connect with the audience makes him a good speaker that can reach a diverse group of people. He received a standing ovation upon completion of his speech and had many people stop to congratulate him on his recovery after the event. Auburn High School gives Scott Maloney a 4 star rating!

Bill Garneau (Athletic Director, Auburn High School, Auburn, Massachusetts)

You were dynamic and held the attention of our entire 9th grade class. Thank you for your important and inspiring story.

Joanne Costanza MS (Student Assistance Counselor, Providence Career and Technical Academy)

Scott’s presentation makes you realize how fragile life is and how powerful strong will, support and determination of friends and family members are. Point well made!

Paula Levine
READS Collaborative
Bristol Plymouth High School

… his charisma and his enthusiasm for life drew them in to his story. It was evident that the students felt comfortable in his presence and were touched by his words. Scott concluded his visit with a question and answer session and the students participated with genuine interest.

Valerie Salerno (Coyle & Cassidy Regional High School Teacher)

Scott Maloney came to speak to our seniors and juniors about the dangers of underage drinking.  His message was not preachy, but poignant.  He talked about the decisions we make and how they can affect our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Jamie Vitonis (King Philip Regional High School Assistant Principal)

Scott Maloney is an inspiration for all students, staff, and faculty members.  He has gone through hell and has lived to tell about it.  He injects humor in his delivery but then he captures his audience with his true compelling story…enough to make the biggest football player whimper.  His message is powerful.  Scott Maloney should be invited to speak at every business/education seminar as a motivational speaker.

Robert Guillemette (King Philip Regional High School Teacher)

Scott’s presentation was very touching to many students in our school. The way in which he made us laugh and cry over a short period of time with the experience he has lived through taught us all about valuing life! I am very glad he came to my school.


Scott has shown the courage to triumph over his failure, and share it with the world. Through a comical, yet serious speech, he tells about how one little decision changed his life forever. No one ever thinks of their decisions as life-changing, but you never know what happens on the next page. That’s what I have gotten out of his speech. Never for one second think the decisions you make won’t effect you greatly.


His sociable personality was one that his crowd felt comfortable with; students also thought of him as a profound friend who was easy to talk to and a great comedian as well. The way Scott intertwined his powerful message and his comedy was like no other inspirational speech I have heard before.


Scott had a lot of courage speaking in front of the group like that. It really made me think about my own actions. What if I were to do something like that? I have no family support. So if I were him I would have been dead because my family wouldn’t be there to push the doctors. For someone to bring tears to my eyes in class definitely states that an impact was made. I really enjoyed the speech.


Scott’s ability to make us laugh, while still proving his point allowed us to really think about the choices we make and the consequences that could follow those choices. I think he did a very good job with the speech he made at my school.


Scott definitely made an impact on all of the students, and I will never forget his story. He is a great role model and positive influence for students everywhere.