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We appreciate Scott’s willingness to share his experience with our first year students at Southwestern College. We really enjoyed how he interacted with our students during the program while serving them an important message about making smart decisions, family and overcoming obstacles. We heard nothing but good things from our students about his program and we hope to have him back!

Anjaih Clemons (Director of Campus Life, Southwestern College- Kansas)

All in attendance found Scott’s story compelling and his message powerful. Without using bells and whistles, he was able to get across to the students the importance of smart decision making, and how one event can change it all.

James Lally (Director of Athletics and Recreation, St. Joseph’s College – Brooklyn)

Scott’s presentation “I GOT LUCKY!” is a unique and valuable tool in alcohol education on college campuses. His presentation offered our students the opportunity to hear, first hand, from someone who has been greatly impacted by decisions made surrounding alcohol use in college. Scott’s delivery is powerful and light/humorous at times. His style engaged our students from start to finish, which as many of us know can be such a challenge. I know from following our student social media outlets that his encouragement on choosing to stand against the peer pressures of college resonated with many of our students. He truly made an impact!

Valerie Giannavola (CHOICES Program Coordinator, Louisburg College)

Scott’s presentation “I Got Lucky!” was enlightening, entertaining and uplifting and really resonated with our campus community. He presented in a manner that at times was humorous, while still getting his message across about destructive decisions made under the influence of alcohol to the entire audience. Just a great presentation and I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again in the future.

Marianne Edmond (Health Educator, William Paterson University)

Scott Maloney is one of the most entertaining and admirable guests we have had on WTBU, Boston University’s radio station. Through his miraculous story Scott is able to educate the students about the dangers of alcohol, in a way that they can relate to and understand. The students appreciate his honesty and humor. Every time Scott is on air, I always receive positive comments from students and faculty. Scott has been on the air with us twice now and each time I hear his story I am amazed of his courage, motivation, and success. Scott’s optimism and upbeat attitude is inspiring and I hope that he continues to come on air with us often.

John-Michael Sedor (Programming Director, WTBU, Boston University)

Scott shared his incredible journey with great energy and passion. Our student-athletes heard a message that certainly hit home and made them think about how their decisions can, and will, affect their future. His inspirational story brought many lessons about perseverance, introspection, and how to enjoy life with those around you. It was an honest presentation that can relate to many students.

Brian Muldoon (Sports Information Director, Lesley University)

Pfeiffer University really enjoyed having Scott Maloney speak to our student-athletes and first-year students. Scott was engaging, entertaining, and, most importantly, moving. His story was one that students could both relate to and learn from. I am confident that his appearance on our campus had made a difference in the lives of our students and I am truly grateful!

Rebecca McQueen (Director of Residence Life, Pfeiffer University)

Scott’s message was clearly stated in an entertaining way. In rhyme and in verse, he tells of his experience of making a major decision in his life under the influence of alcohol that impacted him forever.

Paul L. Cardoza Ed.D. (Coordinator of Student Health Education, Salve Regina University)

Scott Maloney spoke to our student-athletes and was very effective in helping them understand how their behaviors affect their future. He provided them with an hour of stories, self-reflection, and laughter. As administrators, we can only remind our students of the dangers of alcohol and drug use. It is up to them to make the decisions. Scott gave them ideas to use, to build their skills, to make better decisions.

Nancy Bals (Associate Athletic Director, Westfield State University)

I invited Scott Maloney to our college because his message is important for people to hear. His tragic story warns of the dangers of alcohol, but also reminds us that our lives can change in an instant and our decisions affect everyone in our lives. He shares his story with candor, humor and ease. His remarkable enthusiasm and good spirit prompted a lively Q & A with the audience. I think everyone left feeling inspired to live life more responsibly. What could be better than that?

Maria Zemantauski (Coordinator of Cultural Affairs, Hudson Valley Community College)

Scott established an immediate connection with our student athletes and told a story of survival. The fact that his story never ends and that he must live with a poor decision made one evening in college really hit home with our athletes.

Colin Sullivan (Director of Athletics, Salve Regina University)

Scott Maloney came to our campus during Alcohol Awareness Week to tell his story about the consequences of making bad decisions. Scott adds just the right amount of humor to his powerfully honest message about alcohol abuse. Scott relates well to the students and keeps his audience engaged through humor and dialogue.

Diane Angrisano (Russell Sage College, Coordinator of Campus Programming)

His story really helps encourage students to really think of their actions, and how one decision can change your life. Students after the presentation shared this story with other students. Scott used a great humor and emotion to really balance out the presentation and keep students engaged. For any director of student activities, this presentation is a perfect choice to bring on campus either during orientation or for alcohol awareness because of the power of the message.

Michael Duignan (Sage College of Albany, Coordinator of Student Development)

Scott Maloney’s story is powerful and his message of tragedy and triumph is one that every high school and college student should hear.

Jason Zeleski (Clark University, Dean of Students)

He relates to audiences by drawing them in with laughter and by sharing his painful, yet educational and finally up-lifting story. Scott Maloney speaks a message about appreciating life. His audience walks away with a greater understanding of why not to take one’s life for granted and the importance of remaining positive throughout it all. I would recommend a speech from Scott Maloney to anyone.

Benjamin Nichols (Anna Maria College, Instructor)

In the spring semester, I was present at a speech Scott gave to the Becker College students. Scott spoke to the students about alcohol abuse. He was able to relate his own personal experience in a way that really resonated with the students. Scott got the message across with humor and emotion. I feel that Scott would make an excellent candidate to speak to students (high school as well as college).

Paula O’Connor (Becker College Registrar)

The story that he told really hit home with the students. This is not something that they wanted any of their friends or family to go through. For a young man to go through what he endured, and then to speak about it in front of hundreds of students, was very inspiring.

Daniel O’Connor (Becker College Area Coordinator)

Scott is an unbelievable speaker. He had the entire crowd laughing, crying and in awe. Although his tragedy has faltered his life in insurmountable challenges; Scott has a gift of powerful motivation, and it is with great honor that such students as myself are privileged with his presence and his message. Scott’s story has touched my life, as it will to all those I pass it on to.


The presentation was effective because it consisted of a speaker who actually went through a life changing experience involving alcohol. It was not just someone who preached.


Scott was very funny and entertaining. He had very important messages to make and held my attention the whole presentation.


Was entertaining and funny, used comedy to get his point across.


He sends a good message and reminds us we are not invincible.


When Scott came to our University I wasn’t sure what to expect; another speaker giving their spiel on alcohol awareness, but that wasn’t the case at all. He shared with us his life-changing experience and personalized his visit. He sent a very powerful message that will most definitely stay with some of us forever.